That time we were in a small country town in the middle of nowhere in Sweden to attend a wedding where I couldn’t understand anyone and then the sun started setting and we took a walk and this is what it looked like 🏡 #homenow #nothingelsetopost

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reblog if your vagina glows in the dark

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Cuddles are better than class 💕

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Palo Alto (2014) dir. Gia Coppola

"I’m not depressed, why do you always think I’m depressed? I’m just tired."

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The guy in front of me when I was getting ice cream tonight was wearing this.

update: i banged him

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Throwback to one of the most magical days of my life when we stumbled across a cute little French seaside town and spent the day with fish 🏊 #latergram

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See the full footage here: Winston (kitty) takes care of Zeke (puppy) 

"Zeke just got home from the vet — being allergic to certain grasses, he broke out in hives and they gave him steroid and benadryl shots. This is Winston, loving and taking care of him"

A cats purr vibrates at a frequency that promotes bone health and aids in healing. So the kitty is probably trying to purr him better.

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